Yogurt Factory - France

Featured products: Vertical Dual iPad Kiosk - Space Rise| Industry: Hospitality | Client: Yoghurt Factory - France

The Customer

Yogurt Factory is a yogurt shop chain located in France.
Their flagship product is 0% fat yogurt ice cream, as well as delicious smoothies, waffles, fruit juices etc.
They mainly serve young couples with small children and teens.

The Challenge 

Mondeville’s yogurt factory needed to bring together the cash register and loyalty system in the same place in complete safety and create a seamless customer experience at the same time

The Solution

Using the Dual screen space rise, they were able to increase the visibility of the loyalty tablet and to gain a larger customer base.
The Maclocks dual screen support solution is used as a cash register system for staff and as a loyalty tablet for the customer.

Customer Feedback

“Amiel gave great advice, I chose Maclocks as the solution because the product offered was perfectly suited to my needs.
I highly recommend it and that's why I made an identical order for my second store (in Caen) and for future ones.”

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