Magnetix Floor Stand

Innovative universal solution compatible with any tablet
- Designed for mPOS, assisted shopping, self-service kiosks, etc
- Adjustable Height Display Stand
- Angled head mount
- Through arm cable management 
- Dual head Cable Lock (optional add-on)

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Adjustable floor stand - Black
Magnetix Mount

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Universal Tablet Magnetic Mount and Adjustable Stand
Magnetix Floor Stand

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Magnetix Floor Stand
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Bring flexibility to your business and checkout process with this unique tablet display and security solution. Magnetix is an all-in-one universal solution that works with all tablets and iPads brands and sizes, and enables you to display, secure, and hold the tablet by hand.

Thanks to a unique customer-oriented design, the Magnetix enables to lift and hold the tablet, while it is secured to its base with a cable-lock. This provides a comfortable and elegant way for businesses to easily interact with their customer, and enable them to read and sign papers, register, and perform many other self-services without the concern of stealth attempts.

The Magnetix Floor Stand kit consists of a 100mm VESA magnetic plate that offers an easy way to lift the tablet and dock it back to place, and a cable lock slot. The included cable-lock provides the necessary security, and the adjustable Floor stand acts as an elegant and efficient way to display the tablet, in every hight or angle necessary. The kit also includes an adhesive plate that is fixed on any tablet or iPad and attaches to the Magnets.

Its stylish design makes it discreet when the tablet is used off the stand and does not interfere with the user’s experience. This extra mobility of the tablet and the adjusted height of the stand enhances ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, as it enables anyone to lift the tablet and hold it by hand or change its viewing angle.

Magnetix Floor Stand is an ideal way to upgrade your existing tablet display solution and customer experience for businesses that want to enable their customers to fill out forms, sign papers, register, and read agreements comfortably, saving valuable time and resources. It is highly recommended for businesses including Banks, Restaurants, Hotels, Healthcare services, Educational institutions, Self-service stands, etc.

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