Secure hardware for all businesses to reduce physical interaction while creating safe and engaging self-service experiences. 




Countertop kiosks allow limiting customer interaction while keeping a high satisfaction level. For grocery shopping, online ordering pickup, self-checkout, they speed up the process, while keeping everybody safe. Build your own point of sale self-service kiosk solution and streamline the shopping experience for your customers.

See all countertop kiosks for iPadGalaxy TabSurface, and universal solutions for all tablet brands.




Supporting all tablets and monitors, our floor stands can be rolling or bolted to the floor. They are sturdy, durable solutions for high traffic areas. Secure your tablets in key locked or tamper-proof sealed enclosures and help happy customers get their orders quickly by limiting contacts and risks.

See all self-service floor stands for iPadGalaxy TabSurface, and universal solutions for all tablet brands.




Save space with secure wall mounted ordering kiosks for order pickup or food ordering for example. Add a card reader and a printer and provide a full shopping experience. Tablet camera can also scan QR codes and barcodes from smartphones. From POS, order pickup, and also digital signage, whatever tablet or monitor you work with, we have the solution.

See all wall-mounted kiosks for iPadGalaxy TabSurface, and universal solutions for all tablet brands.


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